Discovering your reality is just the beginning.........  

This CD introduces you to the REALITY that you've been living with and the parts that you've been missing. It shows you how to determine reality correctly and where you lose sight of it and fall into fantasy, unsure what decisions to make and what directions to take in life.

This directly effects our intelligence and our MENTAL HEALTH!

This one concept, our relationship with our "Reality", is the cornerstone to almost everything that we do, either cramping our style and making it impossible to be successful, or freeing us up to blast forward.

This one key can single handedly make all the work we've done in self-help come alive, taking all those ideas from being vague thoughts and concepts and bringing them directly into the physical world.

Why aren't you as successful as you can be?
Its how you deal directly with Reality.

This is self help 3.0!
  We've all been wading through the world of self help for far too long now without effective, lasting results.  
Finally, at Take Giant Steps you will find all the best practices in one place!
  We've taken the best practices in personal evolution, focused and honed them into the most effective skills, consolidated them, and put them into an optimal series of easy to understand trainings and information products for you.  
  Combining an array of techniques from decades of personal research we now simply know what works best, and hidden in this CD "The Power of Reality" you will find exactly what you need to know to start to implement them all. Once you understand this one concept you will be able to dial-in your particular world so that it can accept your desires and change into what you want it to be.  
  As the first and most important CD in any of our series we want to start out by giving you the information that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. The one concept that stands out and makes the biggest difference.  
  If you're serious about your personal excellence you must start with your relationship to the reality around you. You must "ground" yourself in reality and learn what grounded reality is all about.  
  But just learning mental techniques is not the key. That keeps everyone stuck and endlessly paying for more and more trainings without actual movement. The answer here is immersing yourself in and embodying the things that mean the most to enhance the reality around you.  
Welcome to Embodied Evolution
So what exactly is EMBODIMENT?
  Embodiment is not about “knowing,” it's about “living.” It's the idea that whatever we want, whatever we wish to happen for us we can't just think of, we need to accept and make it a part of our daily lives.  
  We all have concepts that we are in love with today and desires for things we want to have for ourselves tomorrow. If we just continue imagining and conceptualizing these desires, they will never come true. They must both go deeper to affect our inner world while we systematically change our outer world in very real ways. This is exactly where The Power of Reality™ comes in. Whether you are looking for excellence in your fitness abilities, social skills, relationships, mental capacity, egoic self understanding, or business strategizing and streamlining you will need this practice to ground you for success; so you can make it to the top with the least amount of hassles, headaches, or injuries, and the most focus and enjoyment.  
  It's time you got on board and started to live what you have known for years, not just have it as an ideal in your mind. With EMBODIED REALISM™ - THE POWER OF REALITY™ CD it couldn't be easier to learn this practice.  
And Evolution?
  Ahhhhh.... what is your evolution?  

People don't grow like plants. They don't sprout new appendages. People grow inside, making newer, neurological connections all the time.

  Through this we become more. We gain advanced skills. We grow and expand into new conceptual territories. We gain new possibilities and new directions. We dream and seek to become those dreams.  
  Evolution is your unfettered movement through life. Being free to grow, expand, and change. Aimed at becoming the best you can be, and then becoming even better. And this CD is the foundation for that journey.  
All that you'll get in this one CD...
A clear head around your particular reality.
Details around how much reality you'll need to uncover in order to achieve success in any arena.
Truly living embodied within any thought, and then be outwardly creative from that .place.
4 rules to determine exactly how much grounded reality or fantasy to add to any situation.
Learn to live lighter, easier, de-stressed, melted, and relaxed while existing in a high-performance state of readiness for success.  
If you are a spiritual person on a spiritual path this is your key to making it all real.  
  Our world is an endless series of distractions and delusions. All of them take us far away from reality and our goals. If you learn what to avoid while unraveling your distracting mental compulsions and addictions, you will be free to pursue whatever is crucial and meaningful to you and your life.  
  Often Your MENTAL HEALTH really is at stake!  
  Staying true to what works is a small, narrow path. One that we can't see and often overlook. Learn where your path is and grow. Pick up this CD right here for $14.95 and you will get all this and more.  
Buy this CD today and you will also get the next video in our Embodied Evolution™ series sent immediately to your email inbox. Learn how to evaluate sources. What makes sources of truth "good" while others are "bad"? Based on that, what do you trust?
Find out with this video today.

Even if this is the only thing you purchase here at Take Giant Steps, get this ONE CD for $14.95 and give yourself a big "YES" in life. (And shipping and handling are absolutely and always FREE). Start to make life easier for yourself. Let this be the cornerstone you use to build the foundation of your world on.

Embodied Realism™
Imagine you and your reality spooning.


This is the most important CD in our series of talks on this topic.
Get this one, get Realism ... and get cracking today!

P.S. We always guarantee all our products. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us in 30 days and let us know.
We won't take it personally. And you'll get your money back!

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